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Things you should do In Spain if you ever go there on vacation

From the days of the Moorish empire to modern cosmopolitan cities, Spain presents a diverse combination of history, art museums, flamenco, cathedrals, shopping malls, best cuisines, local festivals, and sandy coastlines. The country consists of 50 provinces wherein at least five different languages are spoken. The country presents a beautiful combination of things to do for visitors with different tastes. Whatever you like – night wandering, wine tastings evenings, or food – Spain always has something for you.

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A list with a few of Spain’s best tourist attractions:

Alhambra – the Moorish fortress

No tourist should miss the Alhambra fortress – the fortress which saved the Granada city from invaders for thousands of years. This aesthetic fortress can keep you engaged for hours – so take free time and visit. You can rent a car right from Granada airport and drive yourself to Alhambra.


Bullfight in Spain has lost its earlier reputation, but it is still there for tourists. An inescapable part of Spanish history, bullfighting grounds still attract thousands of curious tourists. You can see bullfighting in cities such as Ronda, Seville, and Madrid’s town of Las Ventas.

Museums in Spain

You may have heard about the famous artists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Yes, these two are from Spain. Many other artists from Spain did great work of art. The most famous three museums are the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Reina Sofia, and Museo del Prado. The last one, alone, hosts the art of almost six centuries. The museums can give you a lot of information about the historical events of Spain.

Walk the Camino de Santiago

Do you know about the ancient pilgrimage path in Europe? Yes, this is Camino de Santiago – also known as the way of Saint James. It is said that apostle’s relics were found there, and since then, people have been visiting this place. People are mistaken by the heresy that you will have to walk up to 800 miles to reach the tomb of St James. But you can join the route from anywhere.

Music Festivals in Barcelona

In Barcelona the festival Primavera Sound starts at the end of May and keeps rocking the city for a week. Why not dance in a festival when you are in Spain.