Photographer Scotland

Looking for a photographer in Scotland?

There are a considerable amount of good photographers in Scotland. From a market perspective perhaps too many for a relative small area. So why would a Dutch photographer want to move to Scotland? Well he did anyway. STUDIOVHF now has a presence in Scotland due to the move of Vincent Hartman. In Scotland he wil take care of the marketing communication for Scottish leading commercial interiors company Amos Beech. An important part of this is interior photography.

Interior photography Scotland

STUDIOVHF works for architects, fit-out companies, interior designers and commercial furnishers. Also in Scotland the photographer is committed to creating an appealing 2 dimensional translation of a 3 dimensional space. The image needs to be graphically interesting to look at otherwise it won’t get noticed or the viewer will loose interest. It should not be a simple realistic coverage of the space but an interpretation by the photographer. Obviously this needs to be combined with what the customer wants to show. The interior photographer will emphasise with his camera standpoint what get the most attention. A low standpoint to draw attention to the ceiling and a high standpoint for an overview and the flooring. Perhaps this is the opposite what you would expect. STUDIOVHF’s photographers (1 in Scotland and 2 in The Netherlands) work with specialist equipment to ensure that vertical lines remain vertical even when an extreme standpoint is chosen. The camera will stay level at (almost) all circumstances.

For the control of contrast and colour Interior Photographer Scotland uses a combination of analogue and digital techniques to maintain detail in both highlights and shadows.

Commercial photographer Scotland

In addition to interior photography the photographers of STUDIOVHF work for advertising agencies, marketing companies and marketing communication departments of private and public companies. Many of clients are in the design industry, fashion and clothing, but also agricultural and cultural. Rather diverse, and that is a key USP for STUDIOVHF. The photographers are very versatile and multi skilled. And having three photographers working together ensures up to date knowledge and quality.

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Photographer Scotland