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What is competency management and how can you make good use of it?

To improve the performance of an organization it is important to know what competences an organization has. Because when you are able to identify where these competencies or skills exist within your company it’s way more easy to assign them at the right time at the right place. There could be a lot of instances where you could make good use of a certain skill, but if you do not know if they even exist or where they are it will be very difficult. These competencies or skills could be anything, like: an employee who is a fluent speaker of a certain language or someone who has a talent for editing video’s.


These competencies are usually written down somewhere in a note or within spreadsheets. When companies grow this the process of tracking these competencies will get complex and unclear, that’s when competency management software usually comes into play. This software, for instance AG5, helps companies assign, track an asses skills and make them a lot easier to access. 


Benefits of using skills management are among others: development, planning and learning. By using competency management employees will be able to identify their own skills and develop them, this will help company growth. Workforce planning will be way easier. Managers will be way more efficient in assigning employees to upcoming projects and teams will be better balanced. Skill gaps are easier to identify and employees could be giving the right training to overcome these gaps.

So if you’re managing a growing company, competency management is definitely something to look into if you want your company to develop and excel!


What is competency management and how can you make good use of it?