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FIFA 17 good tips

FIFA 20 is challenge to some, but if you read the following tips, you can be the best player of your country or even the world. FIFA 17 tips is brought you by U7buy, our favorite partner in coin selling in the world. They even have some mad FIFA points for you, you can see that for yourself ofcourse.

FIFA 20 Tips to make you the best player

Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Go pay pokemon. Just kidding. It’s possible to be one of the best player in the world. You probably won’t be getting the top spot in FIFA 20 just yet. The real FIFA professionals will beat you every time, but you can be close to them. The following tips are especially for you. The Tips

  • Do not keep spamming the sprint button. Your players will be tired fast and you can only substitute 3 of them. Take it easy sometimes
  • Be patient, do not keep kicking the ball forward all the time
  • Is the game too hard for you? Lower the difficulty and keep on training. When it gets easier, raise it
  • Guard the ball, always
  • Keep practicing. Also in training mode.
  • Take some rest sometime. 12 hours of FIFA a day is not healthy.

Keep trying

How will this help? There are some good tips over there, but the most important thing Is to just keep practicing. Keep trying to become the best (or close) player in the world of FIFA. Good luck with that! 

FIFA 17 good tips