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Paint it

Paint is mostly used to give colour to a variety of objects. Paint is giving objects a ‘new life’. In this article you will find things to pimp with paint. The options, which you can pimp, are all unexpected but very effective.


The first objects which you can pimp very nice with paint are shoes. Shoes can be pimped very easily. There are even a whole lot of companies, which are only pimping the shoes. Pimping shoes can be done very small, like changing your shoe laces. Another option is to change the colour of the shoe’s. Paint should be used for colouring the shoes in the right colour.


You wont expect the second thing that can be pimped. This thing is really massive and is going to cost you a lot of paint depending how you fill it in. The next object is your own house. You can depend yourself how much you are going to paint. Don’t start right away with painting your whole building. Start with some smaller things, like the door, or parts of your windows. This way you can step by step see what you are doing, and if you like what you are doing.


I you really want to paint everything; I would suggest to to use a few tools. The most important tool is the HEA paint sprayer. With the best home paint sprayer can you spray a lot of paint in a short time. Because of the paint sprayer you won’t have to paint everything by hand.


The last thing you can paint, is your own boat. Not everybody has got a boat, but If you got one is it very good looking if you paint it once in a while. Try to give your own boat every summer another colour. This way your boat will look different every summer.  Never forget to give your boat a right name is you are going to paint it. A boat without a name has been known for bad luck. 


Paint it