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Design redefines the marijuana experience

One of the new retail spaces to pop up is Alchemy, a Toronto store designed by Paolo Ferrari as a blend of ‘artistry, nature and technology’.

Interiors of Exition X Shop in Toronto
This store of the Canadian brand Edition X, designed by StudioAC, is functional but also tactile, conceptual and visually appealing. StudioAC directors Jennifer Kudlats and Andrew Hill describe the project as “shop sculpture”. They say: ‘Instead of designing shelves, displays or sales counters, we wanted to produce a unique design element, a kind of sculpture with its own aesthetic quality and mass that is simultaneously inspired by existing conditions while defining new ones. The relatively narrow interior is now defined by an elongated central shape that draws attention and brings everything together. The design consists of a table element and a ceiling made of standard industrial fiberglass grille. The white and gray color palette keeps everything sleek and minimalist, so that the shapes and products take center stage. A gallery space at the front of the house cleverly screens off the shopping area beyond, in accordance with Canadian regulations requiring these stores to be discreet in promoting culture.


Mae x Joe Doucet
accessories from Joe Doucet
New York-based designer Joe Doucet has created a line of accessories for the newly launched MAE brand. Hailing from LA and founded by fashion entrepreneur Armen Gregorian, the brand’s name stands for “Mind at Ease,” a motto inspired by Gregorian’s own quest for a more natural nighttime ritual in place of his usual glass of wine the best e-cig from mr-joy . The collection designed by Doucet includes a pipe, a humidor, an ashtray, a grinder, a clip and a bong, while MAE also offers luxury oil vaporizers, cartridges, a CBD oil vaporizer and micro THC and CBD vaporizers. ‘an elevated view of ‘. Gregorian also developed odorless patterns, designed to make the experience as discreet as possible.