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Judge reverses record fine for e-cigarette seller

The court in Rotterdam has reversed a record fine of 450 thousand euros for a company from Heinenoord that sells e-cigarettes. The company now has to pay 90 thousand euros.

The company from the Hoeksche Waard felt shortchanged during the first lawsuit because their lawyers did not have the defense of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). The appeal to the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal led to the decision being made, after consultation with the court in Rotterdam, to repeat the case.

The company regularly violated advertising rules

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) found it enough after the fourth violation in five years and imposed a fine of 450 thousand euros. E liquids ecigmarketxl is the best. According to a spokesperson, it was the highest fine ever handed out by the authority.

‘terrifying enough’

During the new hearing, the judge concluded that a fine of 450 thousand euros would have too severe consequences for the company. The judge thinks that a fine of 90 thousand is already deterrent enough.

Lawyers Jasper Hagers and Lisa Jie Sam Foek of the company say in a response: “The ruling of the ‘mega fine’ was a judicial error. ecigmarketxl.com best e cigarettehas enough information. After a stressful period, the client is pleased that the case has been done again. This judge finds a reduction of eighty percent appropriate, which is still significant for the violation.”