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Five Speciality coffee drinks you really need to try

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages throughout the world. Over the years, it spread from its origins in Africa to the Middle East and later in Europe, Asia and the New World.

Over the centuries, coffee became so widespread that different countries put their own spin on it, often incorporating cultural influences, tastes and regional availability of ingredients into their drinks.

Most of these tasty specialty drinks can be made starting with a Tassimo Bosch Coffee Machine, which will provide awesomely nuanced coffee!

This list features some of our favorite specialty coffee drinks!

Espresso Tonic:

Espresso Tonic became extremely trendy over the past couple of years. This drink likely originated in Brooklyn, NYC, as a popular summer coffee drink.

Essentially, an espresso tonic consists of pouring a hot espresso shot (or double shot) in a tall glass of iced tonic or seltzer water.

The espresso is generally thicker than the tonic, often settling in the upper area of the glass. This allows the drink to have a really interesting layered texture. The espresso also often reacts with the tonic water, forming a nice foamy cap over the drink. In most cases, lemon-flavored sodas or tonics without too much sugar content are preferred, as they allow the coffee flavor to stand out more.

Irish Coffee

The Irish love their whiskey, and it made sense for them to add some to their coffee as well! This variant became popular throughout the world and it is one of the most consumed alcoholic coffee drinks.

In some cases, Irish coffee can be more elaborate, as cream and sugar are often added to the whiskey and coffee blend to add sweetness and texture.The English had a similar variant, but they use gin instead of whiskey.

Vietnamese coffee.

Coffee is a really popular beverage in Vietnam, and locals really love their coffee milky and sweet.

Vietnamese coffee, often known as Ca Phe Sua Da by the locals, is actually made from a usually dark roast of coffee. Traditionally, the coffee is brewed using a metal drip filter, and it is poured directly into a cup of sweetened condensed milk. More often than not, ice is also poured in the drink so that people can enjoy their beverage cold. As Vietnamese cuisine specialties such as Pho or Banh Mi set out to bring Vietnam’s food culture at the global forefront, Vietnamese coffee is quickly gaining popularity all around the world as a specialty coffee drink.

Caffe Gommosa

In spite its name in Italian (literally translating to “rubbery coffee”, this drink did not originate in Italy, but in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America.

Essentially, this is a shot of espresso poured over a marshmallow candy. This makes for a really sweet and gooey coffee drink, which also inspired the name of the coffee! Caffe Gommosa is particularly appealing to anyone with a sweet tooth!

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffee drinks in the world: its price can fly up to $50 a cup! This coffee is brewed using beans that have been fed to civet cats in Sumatra, Indonesia. Harvesters would later track the animal’s excrements and recover half-digested coffee beans. The digestion process apparently reduces the bitterness of coffee and argument its smoothness.

Five Speciality coffee drinks you really need to try