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Commodities trading

Commodities trading: what should I invest in?

Trading in commodities, like any other stock, can be very profitable if you choose the right ones. Commodities trading, just like CFD’s, have a leverage effect that makes it so that you can earn a good profit without actually investing as much money. Commodities trading focuses on speculation; whether some commodity markets will rise or fall can make the difference between profit and debt. There are usually no transaction costs, because CFD brokers make their money on the spread between the bid and the ask. There’s many commodities around, but which one should you invest in? Read below what our top picks for commodities trading are.

Invest in commodities trading

  • Green energy is an up-and-coming resource that would not only better the world, but it will probably better your wallet, too! More and more companies are starting to focus on green energy, now that global warming is becoming more and more of a prominent topic. Think about all the money you could make investing in a company that specializes in green energy!
  • Precious metals are always a good thing to invest in. The price for these metals are usually very consistent. Silver can swing occasionally, but gold is a commodity that tends to stay around the same price. If you are looking to invest in commodities like precious metals, gold is a good option.
Commodities trading