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5 most useful books for success

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In this collection, we have collected 5 books that will help you gain financial independence, achieve goals more effectively, conquer new heights and be a winner.

 “Millionaire Passing Lane” by Em Jay DeMarco

Em Jay DeMarco’s book, Millionaire’s Passing Lane, became a bestseller and received a lot of positive reviews from readers. On Amazon, the book received over 1000 positive reviews (92% of the total), on the book portal GoodReads, the book received over 3000 positive reviews. Despite the somewhat provocative title, because of which you might think that this is another book from the “guru of easy enrichment”, Em Jay DeMarco’s book does not contain dubious teachings, is written with humor and realism, and reveals three models of people’s financial behavior. The first is roadside movement – unless a miracle happens, it will lead to collapse. The second – traveling in the far right lane – leads to a mediocre life with the chance of getting rich only in old age. The third way – the overtaking lane – with the right approach will make you financially independent and allow you to retire young.

 You Must Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Thou Shall Prosper is a best-selling book on achieving financial well-being. The book has over 400 positive reviews on Amazon and over 1,700 positive reviews on GoodReads. The book is notable for the fact that its author, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, is a clergyman who is simultaneously a businessman, lecturer and writer. In his book, he talks about how to handle money in order to increase it, applying the religious principles of Judaism to fully understand what money is.

Tony Robbins’s book Unwavering. A Plan for Your Financial Freedom ”is a 2017 bestseller that received many positive reviews from readers. The book has over 400 positive reviews on Amazon and over 100 positive reviews on the GoodReads book portal. The book became the second financial bestseller of this famous American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and coach (the first was “Money. Master of the Game”). The new book tells how to learn how to manage your finances, avoid unnecessary risks and losses and gain material independence. The book is based on interviews with the world’s most successful investors, including John Bogle, founder of the world’s largest investment company, The Vanguard Group.

 “Tools of the Titans” by Tim Ferris

The book by Tim Ferris “Tools of the Titans” was published on December 6, 2016, but in just a month it received more than 700 positive reviews on the Amazon website and became one of the main bestsellers of the year. The book’s success is largely due to the fame of its author Tim Ferris, an American blogger, author of the bestselling book How to Work 4 Hours a Week, an athlete and investor who has a great influence on the minds of the younger generation. His latest book, Tools of the Titans, is based on The Tim Ferris Show podcast, containing mini-interviews with actors, writers, financiers, entrepreneurs, athletes and other notable personalities. From each of them, the reader can learn something wise and useful.

“Mastery” by George Leonard

George Leonard’s Mastery is a bestseller dedicated to developing mastery in any endeavor. The book has received many positive reviews from critics and readers and has been reprinted for over 25 years. The book has over 200 positive reviews on Amazon and over 2,500 positive reviews on the Goodreads book portal. George Leonard’s book combines Zen philosophy with practical advice on how to get on the path to mastery and avoid common pitfalls along the way. This book is a paradox – behind the external simplicity of presentation, there are deep insights about our world, psychology and the meaning of human life. And surely after reading the book, most readers will agree with George Leonard that the only worthy path in our life is the path of mastery.

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