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The revival of a Scottish office furniture manufacturer

Dundee 1983, the office furniture manufacturer Samuel Bruce was formed. The heritage of the Samuel Bruce factory was the manufacture of bespoke, fitted Oil Rig cabin furniture including bunk beds, wardrobes, lockers and cabinets. This was Long before office furniture was produced. The company transformed from the manufacture of wooden furniture and panel ended desks to a designer and manufacturer of contemporary modern office furniture using metal frames, sophisticated cable management systems and cool shaped worktops in white and grey. Today most desking systems are height adjustable and sit-stand workstations are part of most installations.

Early 2011 the company had gone into receivership and was bought by the leading Scottish commercial interiors company Amos Beech who wanted to shorten the supply chain for office furniture for their clientele.

Samuel Bruce today 

Today Samuel Bruce is brought back to just the core brand as it was in it’s hey days. A developer of innovative custom made furniture solutions. The development is done at Amos Beech in Falkirk, the production is outsourced to leading British and German engineering companies. After years of little attention for marketing and brand development Samuel Bruce is back with a new website and will be further developed from now on.

Worktable desking and benching is an elegant solution that takes value engineering to a new level without compromising on build quality or structural stability. Available with fixed or sliding worksurfaces and a cable management facility that effortlessly accommodates even the most demanding IT requirements, Worktable delivers a functional solution in real style.

The range of desking systems comprise the following products:

  • Hoop is a new contemporary desking and benching system that makes a statement and offers a truly functional solution in real style. The two section leg frame can be produced in contrasting paint finishes. Available with fixed or sliding worksurfaces and a cable management facility that effortlessly accommodates even the most demanding IT requirements.
  • UP2U is a new two person workstation that caters for individual height adjustment on a shared frame. The height of the workstation can be adjusted by the user in seconds via a crank handle. The range of adjustment is from 660mm to 960mm. When UP2U is linked together, the recessed leg frames allow the two man workstations to become a true benching solution.
  • IN4M desking features an elegant “A” leg that offers simple height adjustment from 680mm to 860mm via a height settable foot. IN4M is a responsive product and perfect for office churn; it is simple and quick to build and all components are totally non-handed.
  • IN5 is a benching and desking solution that offers two distinctive leg styles. IN5 is a robust solution with cable management features that can be graded to suit a client’s exacting needs.
  • C2 is a new telescopic beam system that will accommodate any width top from 800mm to 2200mm. The cantilever leg frame is non- handed and legs can be shared to reduce cost and to provide an uncluttered visual aesthetic. The ability to specify the leg foot and upright section in contrasting colour ways enables C2 to make a real statement at a sensible price.
  • C1 is our entry level product but quality is not compromised. Manufactured in exactly the same raw materials as all other Samuel Bruce products C1 offers our clients a robust desking solution with non handed leg frames at very low prices. As with all of our other products C1 is available in a wide range of standard finishes, shapes and size options.
  • PINO is a panel sided desking, benching and table system that offers our clients a wide range of standard products in many different finishes, shapes and sizes whilst retaining a more traditional style. What sets PINO apart is the seemingly limitless array of bespoke solutions that it can provide. With no restricting metal sub frame PINO can be used for a wide range of applications like Reception desks, Nurse Stations, Student Accommodation furniture, Oil rig cabins and even beds! PINO was our first in house manufactured product range launched over 20 years ago and it’s still going strong, it’s still relevant and as ever, very affordable.

Samuel Bruce tomorrow

With the rebranding exercise underway, productdevelopment will follow and Samuel Bruce will be on it’s way again to become one of the UK’s leading office furniture brands.


The revival of a Scottish office furniture manufacturer