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Everyone knows about the topic of sustainability these days. We all have to be aware of the problems we are responsible for. We must all be aware of the problems that we have caused and take the responsibility to do something about it together. We have done a lot of damage to our world and so we must ensure that this damage is repaired. That also applies to the fashion industry of course. Because a commonly used term in this industry is ‘fast fashion’. This means that the clothes quickly for little money. And many clothes fall into this category. They are easy to find and many stores sell these clothes. They are mostly made in Asia, where wages are low and there are few rules regarding the climate. We have to get rid of this. But it is difficult to persuade people to buy clothes that are much more expensive, but better for the climate. Another disadvantage of the fact that the clothes are so cheap is that the clothes are easily thrown away at the end of a season, while they are not worn that often and can therefore last for a long time.

In summary, it is therefore strange that little is being done about this. That is why a useful tip is given below to help you get rid of the ” fast fashion ” industry.

The best tip is not to just throw clothes away. You can give them a new life by giving them a new color. Nowadays it is very easy to give your shoes a different color. For example, by using leather shoe dye. This is easy to order online and is easy to apply to your leather shoes. Even if you have suede shoes, there is special paint for your shoes, namely suede shoe dye.


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