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How to work from home in an organised manner

Data entry jobs from home come with a lot of benefits. It often saves you a lot of travel time, ensures higher productivity and due to the pleasant work environment the overall mood improves. Only remote jobs however, are also known to have a lot of pitfalls that could cause your downfall. Which is why we made a list of things you should stick to.

Keep all office equipment within reach

This tip applies to every workplace, but must be kept in mind for home workers in particular. What a waste of time or distraction when you have to find the staple machine between your children’s toys, or leave your desk every time the telephone rings. So: make sure you have a neat workplace where you have all the office supplies within reach.

Make good and clear agreements with your housemates

Make clear agreements with your housemates: your working hours and what you need to be able to work well. What are your working hours? When do you take a break? May your roommates disturb you? When can they disturb?

Also ask your roommates to respect these agreements. Of course you can take a break together with your housemates, or eat together with them; there everyone has something on and for you it is a nice break from work.

Make good arrangements with your family and friends

The temptation is great for family (mothers) and friends to jump in with you ‘because you’re at home’. These are distractions that you have to avoid, because it nibbles at your working time and before you know it you are still working, while the others have already finished their working day. Start from the beginning and make good agreements with your environment. And during office hours, it is not possible to call or text with friends or girlfriends themselves.

Stick to the routine from the office

Work at home as you work in the office: follow the day schedule from the office. You work, take a break, work on, go for lunch … You will see that in this way you can do a lot of work at home and be very productive. The nice thing about home work is that during your breaks you can read the newspaper or water the plants or make a detour in the garden … Things that your colleagues at work can only envy.


Enjoy the fact that you did not have to stand in a traffic jam on your homeworking day!


How to work from home in an organised manner